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Keeping it Natural

What is the difference really? We’ve all been warned, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients it’s probably not good for you to eat – but what about the affects it may have on your skin!

The difference between natural and artificial or synthetic food is the chemicals added. In spite of great success of natural products in the history of drug discovery, natural products are significantly undervalued. It is well worth taking the time to consider your Insect repellents because your skin is the body’s largest organ.

In keeping natural, BuggerOff insect repellents combines a mixture of essential oils used from plants that have naturally been planted to deter flying insects. The Government of Trade and Industry (DTI) have undertaken studies into the development of the essential oil industry to benefit South Africa’s farmers. Essential Oils can be produced from most aromatic plants and South Africa has an ideal climate to cultivate many of the species required for a range of industries.

Khakibos or Tagetes was historically planted between the rows of farmers’ crops as a valuable insect repellent. Today it is used as a base to many perfumes and can help with parasitic and fungal infestation. There is significant potential for these natural insect repellents to be used in the fight against malaria, which continues to spread throughout Africa. These plants can also be of great benefit as they can be planted and farmed on small pieces of land within rural settlements and thus benefiting the community as a form of repellent. Furthermore, these crops are less likely to be prone to theft than food crops.

Globally, there has been an increase in the need for natural products and the necessity to know where these products come from or how they are made. This is an essential part of keeping our environment clean and the only way to conserve our natural resources.

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