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More Than An Itch

The Mosquito or Anopheles Gambiae is fast outpacing mankind. Malaria is one of the oldest and deadliest infectious diseases affecting man and yet it is a disease we have yet to control.

Thankfully with all sorts of tests being conducted, Spray on repellents containing the lemon eucalyptus oil have been found most likely to keep you bite-free. DEET is not necessarily the answer to effective repelling despite its popularity as a primary ingredient in many repellents.

Studies have been conducted into the effects of natural plants and scents to repel mosquitos and other flying members of the Culicidae family. Many such as garlic are affective in the repelling capabilities but not necessarily first choice as a lather considering the stench. Plants like the Khaki bush or Tagetes have been more widely accepted and used as an essential oil within many effective repellents.

Whilst it is imperative that we continue to combat diseases like Malaria it is vital that every measure is used to avoid being bitten by the blood sucking female. These vectors for disease can transmit not only malaria but all kinds of extremely harmful infections such as the Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue and more, rendering it one of the deadliest animal families in the world.

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